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  • "My younger brother had a horrific work-related accident back in the mid 1980’s. My parents worked with a group of attorneys to settle his case. A very large monetary settlement was paid which would have been subject to probate fees, costs and estate tax. A part of that group was an estate planning law firm that employed John Goralka. John worked closely with my parents as he created a trust to avoid conservatorship during my brother’s life. John’s trust also prevented probate costs and estate tax upon his death. John was able to create that despite the fact that my brother lacked the capacity due to the accident. My parents later hired John to advise and help them oversee and administer the trust at his newly created law firm. It’s been about three years since all parts of the trust have been completed and I am so glad John was able to put a plan in place to prevent any estate tax being due upon my brother’s death. My father and John worked through a very tough time for our family and Dad came to think of John as a part of the family because John was so protective of my brother’s trust. When my father passed away, my mother became the trustee, and I accompanied her to meetings that involved the trust. I had never met John, but he earned my respect through his manner, sincerity, and knowledge of every situation we encountered. He always listened and addressed all concerns we had. He fought for us when insurance companies attempted to take advantage of my mother as she acted as trustee. The insurance company tried to avoid payment of a substantial amount due upon my brother’s death. John sued, forced the release of the financial information and obtained another very large payment for the family. John has always been there for us, and I am forever grateful for all he has done for my family."
  • I have known John for many years. John exhibits the highest ethical standards and he works tirelessly to stay abreast of changes in the law so that he is able to provide the best service, and work product possible to his clients. Perhaps most importantly, John works very collaboratively with attorneys and other professionals. John is a very positive example of what a top tier lawyer should be in terms of competence and service to his clients; he enhances the image of our profession.
  • John has a very strong ethical sense and his knowledge in the areas of tax and estate planning is quite sophisticated.
  • John is a superlative lawyer and I am surprised, frankly, that he has not yet been provided an AV rating. He has my strongest possible endorsement. James J. Banks
  • John is an excellent attorney in the areas of Estate Planning, Tax Planning, and Estate Administration. It is a pleasure to work cases with him.
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney. Kind and caring human being
  • Excellent Lawyer. Bright and personable. Very conscientious.
  • Friendly and calls clients back within 24 hours.
  • I have recommended this attorney to several of my clients and associates. He is excellent in his field of practice.
  • John is a very capable attorney. I referred many matters to him over the years.
  • "You have been excellent to work with. John Goralka is kind, patient, understanding, and most importantly is excellent at explaining the "in's" and "out's" of living trusts in terms that everyone can understand."
  • "Everyone in the firm was knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. A very professional firm and I would recommend to them looking for help in this matter."