We help successful families, business owners and real estate owners minimize income and estate tax, better protect assets and transition legacies and family values to the next generation. 

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

A common misconception is that estate planning is only necessary for the wealthy. Even people who consider themselves solidly middle-class need to take steps to ensure that their wishes will be respected if they become unable to speak for themselves and that their loved ones will be protected after they're gone.

Once you own a home or have minor children or other dependents, estate planning is critical to protect your family or loved ones.

No matter what your circumstances, The Goralka Law Firm can help you create an estate plan that provides the peace of mind you deserve.


A well-known fact is that California residents face some of the highest combined state and federal income taxes in the nation. However, careful planning can often greatly reduce your tax liability and let you keep more money in your pocket. The Goralka Law Firm can provide assistance in reducing the California and federal taxes you owe while offering guidance for how to best approach concerns such as collection actions, liens, and levies. 

Probate & Trust AdministrationProbate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is never easy, but you don’t have to handle your role as executor or trustee without help. Our experienced probate and trust administration attorney will explain your duties and help you navigate the legal hurdles related to the probate process and the administration of trust assets. During your time of grief, let us connect you with the resources you need to continue to move forward with your life.

Business Planning & TransactionsBusiness Planning & Transactions

As a business owner, you wear many hats. However, the DIY approach can be counterproductive when it comes to business planning. Our experienced attorney can provide the guidance that you need to ensure that your company has a solid legal foundation. From business entity selection to asset protection, The Goralka Law Firm can help you prepare for whatever the future may hold.

Exit PlanningExit Planning

At Goralka Law Firm, we understand the time, money and effort you've poured into building your business. Now, as you consider your future, exit planning becomes crucial to ensure a smooth transition and maximize your return on investment