The Goralka Law Firm is proud to help business owners across California set their companies up for success with a strong legal foundation. In these testimonials, see what people have to say about our business planning services.

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  • "We have used John in the past to set up our family trust and were very pleased with the results and the experience, so we contacted him again to look into whether to set up a rental property we were buying into an LLC or not. John was very helpful and knowledgeable. He gave us the pros and cons of setting up the LLC and helped us with the process in a timely manner that fit into the escrow closing time. I would highly recommend John."
  • "I called Attorney Goralka and within 10 minutes had answers to all my questions and concerns as regards the sale of a business and property taxes through the wind-down phase. John was knowledgeable and thorough concerning all aspects of the process. Based on the high level of professional service he provided for corporate matters, I will also be using John's professional services for my personal property taxes."
  • "Goralka Law Firm has made themselves an integral part of the success of our business since 2017. John's expertise, guidance, and accessibility have allowed us to continue running at full speed while staying highly organized. We have used John when we bought our business, planned the structure, did tax planning and more. We highly recommend John’s services."
  • "John and his team have been such an enormous help to our family-owned businesses. John is always willing to help and answer any questions we may have about such a wide variety of things, sales tax, deductions, loan questions, etc. He was able to help our family get out of the mess that our previous attorney had, unfortunately, put us in. Our family will continue to use John at Goralka Law Firm for as long as he will have us!! Highly recommend!"
  • "Living in California we have incredibly high taxes. I was referred to Attorney Goralka by a friend of mine. I own a large business and extensive property and John was able to guide us in our approach to reduce tax liability. He is smart and has a lot of experience with tax planning and we will continue to use his services moving forward."
  • “We own a substantial family business. John is our business, tax and estate planning attorney. When our son was getting married, John prepared for our son a premarital agreement coupled with a confidentiality agreement and asset protected separate property trust. We wanted to protect our family business, in which our son was a part owner and also protect our son’s assets which were substantial. Our son is a successful medical doctor. Years later, our son went through a divorce in Texas. His ex-wife did contest the agreement and went after my son’s assets and his interest in the family business. The judge and even the attorney on the other side of the divorce commented in court how strong and detail oriented the Premarital Agreement was, which was fully withheld. Thank you, John!”