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  • "I called Attorney Goralka and within 10 minutes had answers to all my questions and concerns as regards the sale of a business and property taxes through the wind-down phase. John was knowledgeable and thorough concerning all aspects of the process. Based on the high level of professional service he provided for corporate matters, I will also be using John's professional services for my personal property taxes."
  • "I am writing to recommend Attorney John Goralka whom I have had the pleasure of working with my Tax and Estate Planning. I highly recommend John Goralka. as a skilled and trustworthy legal professional. Throughout our interactions, Atty John Goralka consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the law and legal processes. His knowledge and expertise were evident in the advice and guidance he provided me about my situation. I found his ability to explain complex legal issues in a clear and concise manner to be particularly helpful. Moreover, he was always professional and respectful in his interactions with me. I felt that he truly cared about my wishes and the outcome of the estate and worked diligently to ensure that my heirs were protected. His attention to detail and thoroughness was impressive. Most importantly, I appreciated John Goralka's honesty and integrity. I felt that he always acted in my best interest. In summary, I would highly recommend Attorney John Goralka to anyone seeking legal counsel on asset protection, Estate Planning and Probate. His knowledge, professionalism, and honesty make him an exceptional lawyer who I trust and respect."
  • "Goralka Law Firm has made themselves an integral part of the success of our business since 2017. John's expertise, guidance, and accessibility have allowed us to continue running at full speed while staying highly organized. We have used John when we bought our business, planned the structure, did tax planning and more. We highly recommend John’s services."
  • "John and his team have been such an enormous help to our family-owned businesses. John is always willing to help and answer any questions we may have about such a wide variety of things, sales tax, deductions, loan questions, etc. He was able to help our family get out of the mess that our previous attorney had, unfortunately, put us in. Our family will continue to use John at Goralka Law Firm for as long as he will have us!! Highly recommend!"
  • "We have very substantial assets in 401k’s and rollovers to IRAs. We worked very hard to save for these assets. Now, the distributions are subject to income tax and estate tax when we die. John was able to help us avoid these very high taxes on our retirement accounts."
  • "John and his team set up our estate plan, so our family legacy goes to our kids to protect for their lives from divorce, lawsuits and other financial predators. Our kids and grandkids will not have to pay estate tax, so our assets do not go to the IRS."
  • "Living in California we have incredibly high taxes. I was referred to Attorney Goralka by a friend of mine. I own a large business and extensive property and John was able to guide us in our approach to reduce tax liability. He is smart and has a lot of experience with tax planning and we will continue to use his services moving forward."
  • "I received notice of an impending tax audit, and it was a stressful experience, but The Goralka Law Firm ensured our rights were protected throughout the process. John represented us and we felt protected from the IRS. We could not have gone through this ordeal without the help of John Goralka, we will forever be grateful."
  • "I had intrastate tax issues, and I didn't know where to turn when another lawyer referred me to Goralka Law Firm. All I can say is this man is brilliant and knows the tax code in and out. I am grateful for his help and the successful outcome he got for our family.:
  • "After a recent meeting with John in his Sacramento offices I found out that my business could be structured differently for tax advantages. He took the time needed to explain everything to me and set everything up accordingly. Thanks, John, for all your help, I would definitely recommend your services."
  • “John Goralka and his team have extensive knowledge of trusts related to disabled children. They are knowledgeable with writing the trust such that our adult child can still receive Medicare benefits. In addition, Goralka Law Firm devised several related trusts to protect the assets and monies that we are leaving to our child after we pass. I like the way his team explained and walked us through the different documents: financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, will, and the several trusts.”
  • “This firm is extremely knowledgeable of anything and everything you need to know about protecting your assets, tax liability protection and preparing for the future; no matter what your age. They are up to date on every matter and have helped our family settle estates for our grandfather who had assets scattered all over, some of which we didn't even know about before Attorney Goralka found them. We couldn't be more grateful for all of his help and definitely would recommend him.”