In this selection of client testimonials, hear how we’ve helped families and business owners throughout California reach their business, tax, and estate planning goals. To learn how we can assist with your legal needs, contact our office to schedule a case review.

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  • "John and his team set up our estate plan, so our family legacy goes to our kids to protect for their lives from divorce, lawsuits and other financial predators. Our kids and grandkids will not have to pay estate tax, so our assets do not go to the IRS."
  • "Living in California we have incredibly high taxes. I was referred to Attorney Goralka by a friend of mine. I own a large business and extensive property and John was able to guide us in our approach to reduce tax liability. He is smart and has a lot of experience with tax planning and we will continue to use his services moving forward."
  • "I received notice of an impending tax audit, and it was a stressful experience, but The Goralka Law Firm ensured our rights were protected throughout the process. John represented us and we felt protected from the IRS. We could not have gone through this ordeal without the help of John Goralka, we will forever be grateful."
  • "I had intrastate tax issues, and I didn't know where to turn when another lawyer referred me to Goralka Law Firm. All I can say is this man is brilliant and knows the tax code in and out. I am grateful for his help and the successful outcome he got for our family."
  • "After a recent meeting with John in his Sacramento offices I found out that my business could be structured differently for tax advantages. He took the time needed to explain everything to me and set everything up accordingly. Thanks, John, for all your help, I would definitely recommend your services."
  • “John Goralka and his team have extensive knowledge of trusts related to disabled children. They are knowledgeable with writing the trust such that our adult child can still receive Medicare benefits. In addition, Goralka Law Firm devised several related trusts to protect the assets and monies that we are leaving to our child after we pass. I like the way his team explained and walked us through the different documents: financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, will, and the several trusts.”
  • “This firm is extremely knowledgeable of anything and everything you need to know about protecting your assets, tax liability protection and preparing for the future; no matter what your age. They are up to date on every matter and have helped our family settle estates for our grandfather who had assets scattered all over, some of which we didn't even know about before Attorney Goralka found them. We couldn't be more grateful for all of his help and definitely would recommend him.”
  • “We own a substantial family business. John is our business, tax and estate planning attorney. When our son was getting married, John prepared for our son a premarital agreement coupled with a confidentiality agreement and asset protected separate property trust. We wanted to protect our family business, in which our son was a part owner and also protect our son’s assets which were substantial. Our son is a successful medical doctor. Years later, our son went through a divorce in Texas. His ex-wife did contest the agreement and went after my son’s assets and his interest in the family business. The judge and even the attorney on the other side of the divorce commented in court how strong and detail oriented the Premarital Agreement was, which was fully withheld. Thank you, John!”
  • “I was referred to John Goralka by a business associate of mine. What I found out was that Attorney John Goralka is certified by the State Bar of California's Board of Legal Specialization in both Taxation Law and Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. There are only a handful of attorneys within the state who have earned these dual certifications, which means that John and his team are able to handle any tax-related questions. He was great to work with and we didn’t know until we met him how much help we really needed.”
  • “John and his team were great. They helped us navigate our way through this process of settling the estate of my parents who have multiple properties. We live in Florida, and he was very helpful remotely for us. We would highly recommend his services. Great communication and made this process go smooth. Thank you again for all your help John. It is very much appreciated.”
  • “Mr. Goralka's professional yet personal demeanor assures clients that their best interests are protected. Mr. Goralka has handled my legal affairs for the past few years. He was a source of comfort and serenity at a time when emotions were running high. He is trustworthy, thorough, and dependable. He is very personable and takes a personal interest in the health and well-being of his clients.”
  • “My mother and I have appreciated the care, and respect, we have received with each and every appointment. You feel welcomed when you walk in and realize you are not just another client to them. Quick responses when needing answers with extra steps to ensure you understand and that the outcome is truly the one you want. We had complex tax issues that had arisen from my father's estate, and I can't imagine a better person to deal with these issues other than Attorney Goralka and his team. Thank you to the entire staff!”