OnMP900383004 October 5, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill for the End of Life Option Act, which authorizes an adult who meets certain qualifications, and who has been determined by his or her attending physician to be suffering from a terminal disease, to make a request for a drug prescribed pursuant to these provisions for the purpose of ending his or her life. Although it is unclear when the law will take effect, published reports say it could take effect as early as April 2016 or as late as March 2017.

In an article published by The American Journal of Managed Care, Attorney John Goralka that under California law, the End of Life Option Act does not go into effect until 91 days after the legislation adjourns its special session on healthcare financing. In the interview, Mr. Goralka addresses several issues concerning the new law such as the clarification of the law, the requirements to prevent abuse, safeguards to keep the patients in control and how the law will be restricted to California residents. Although many people remain opposed to California's law based on religious or moral grounds, these efforts are to educate people to have a better understanding of the Act.

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