Person putting 401k note into piggy bankWhile saving more for retirement is a popular New Year's resolution, it often fails because people don’t have a plan to actually save more. The first months of the New Year are over. Are you on track to save as much for retirement as you thought?

Did you catch the recent article in US News and World Report titled “5 Steps to Save More for Retirement?” We won't spoil the fun and give you all of the tips discussed in the original article, but one great way to save for retirement is automatic payroll deductions.

Start out with a modest amount and gradually increase it. Most employers and financial institutions are set up to allow you to deposit money into more than one account; if not, set it up to deduct from your checking account the day you get paid.

"You don't miss what you don't have," as the saying goes. Or another way to think of it: "You can't spend what you already put in the bank."

Be sure to take a look at the original article and make an appointment with your financial advisor and estate planning attorney. Together, they can coordinate your retirement plan with your estate plan to help you implement those tips recommended in the article, as well as others that fit your situation. After that planning, you can get your nest egg growing!

Reference: US News and World Report, February 6, 2014:  “5 Steps to Save More for Retirement

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